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Use of cell phones, or similar devices is permitted only in your car, never on the golf course or in the clubhouse.


Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse at any time or in any dining area of the Terrace during mealtimes.


Gentlemen and children are expected to remove their hats and caps in the Clubhouse.
The dress for lunch and dinner is casual; golf attire and tennis whites are acceptable attire.
Inappropriate attire in the Clubhouse includes denim or blue jeans, cargo pants, short shorts or skirts of unreasonable length, (i.e. shorter than midway between the hip and kneecap), and tee shirts, sweatshirts or workout clothing.


Denim, halter tops, cargo shorts, flip-flops, golf sandals and similar casual and athletic wear, including tennis whites, are prohibited.
Collared shirts are required for gentlemen and should be tucked in at the waistline.
Collared shirts and/or shirts with sleeves are required for ladies.
Shorts and skirts should be reasonable in length, falling at least midway between the hip and kneecap.
Hats and caps are to be worn with the brim forward.


Proper tennis attire, including proper tennis shoes must be worn at all times while on court.
Tennis “whites” are the standard. Trim or accent color of approximately ten percent is permitted.
Warm-ups and hats may be worn on court in any color.
Men’s shirts should have a collar unless specifically designed as tennis apparel.


The following guidelines and expectations are in place for daily play:

  • Four-ball pace is 4 hours or less
  • Three-ball pace is 3.5 hours or less
  • Two-ball pace is 3 hours or less

If an entire hole opens in front of a group with another group waiting behind, the forward group must give way and invite the following group to “play through”.

It is generally preferred for the slower group to wait until their play has reached the green before waving up the group behind. As the following group makes their way to the green, the forward group should finish putting, move to the next tee and tee off. After teeing off, the forward group should wait for the group “playing through” to tee off so that both groups may walk together to their respective tee shots.

Simple ways to speed up play: forego the honor system (institute ready golf), avoid story-telling on teeing grounds and putting greens, take 3-4 clubs to your ball when split from your caddie.

Please ask the Professional Staff for tips for speeding up play if you need guidance.
Official Club competitions have priority at all times and others should not expect to play through.

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